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Little Bullies: Bullying in Schools and in Early Childcare

Training Level: : Intermediate Required Time: (4 hours)  

Workshop Description

Participants will take a fresh look at bullying and aggression from a brain-based perspective. This workshop dispels several myths and fallacies about bullying and provides intervention strategies for helping not only victims, but also the big and little bullies in our schools and early childcare settings.

Participants will expand their awareness and knowledge of bullying, from a cutting-edge, brain-based perspective. This helps educators to better understand anti-social and aggressive behavior and how to intervene in the classroom. Addressing bullying with a school-wide plan, which includes parents, is key to creating a culture of respect in the educational environment. Finally, strategies are provided for improving emotional intelligence and social skills.


ECE-4 Positive Guidance
SAC-4 Positive Guidance
ADM-4 Personnel Management and Staff Development

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