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Back to Nature: Healthy Kids, Healthy Earth!

Training Level: Beginning Required Time: (2 hours)  


Workshop Description:

Many children in today’s world have limited opportunities to play outside, to visit farms, or to simply experience the great outdoors. Understanding the role of nature, and specifically the earth, as our source of food and sustenance is crucial for each generation’s future survival. Recognizing the role of outdoor play and exercise in preventing childhood obesity is also extremely important. This workshop will provide teachers and administrators with the knowledge and tools to help children enjoy and appreciate the natural world and will help children to recognize their role in preserving our limited natural resources. Learn fun activities to help children appreciate the great outdoors, whether you’re in the city or in the country! This workshop also highlights the need for active play in preventing childhood obesity and meets many NAEYC criteria.


ECE-3 Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence
SAC-3 Advance Physical and Intellectual Competence

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